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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 establishes the right of all students to limited access to certain records and information; to review, seek correction of, and add explanations to records; and to receive a hearing on allegations of violations. The University may not require a waiver of these rights in its admission, academic, or service requirements. 

Information such as grades, financial records, and financial aid records may be released to parent(s) of Monmouth University students who are dependents of their parent(s) as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), provided that the parent(s) furnishes proof of such dependency, or the student completes a “FERPA Waiver Release” form. The FERPA form is available through WEBstudent. 

Directory Information: Directory information may be released by the University without the student’s permission unless the student states, in writing, within the first two weeks of the fall semester (or within the first two weeks of the spring semester for students entering Monmouth in the spring semester), that he or she does not want his/her directory information released. This request should be submitted using the “FERPA Do Not Disclose” form, which is accessible from WEBstudent. Student requests to keep directory information confidential are permanent and therefore will remain in effect unless rescinded by the student. Directory information consists of the following information: 

  • Address 
  • Biographical data for public relations purposes 
  • Birth date 
  • Birthplace 
  • Class level 
  • Dates of attendance at Monmouth University 
  • Degrees and awards received at Monmouth University 
  • Degree(s) candidacy 
  • Degree(s) status 
  • Major field of study 
  • Most recent previous educational institution attended 
  • Official student email address 
  • Participation in recognized activities and sports 
  • Photographs of student 
  • Registered credits for the current term 
  • Student ID number 
  • Student’s name 
  • Telephone number 
  • Veteran status 

A copy of “FERPA Policy for Students,” developed in support of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, may be inspected at the Office of Registration and Records, The Great Hall at Shadow Lawn, Room 208. It is also available online at: