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Interpersonal Violence Statement

Monmouth University supports the right of its members to live, work, and learn in an environment free from any threat or actual physical violence between its members. The University seeks to create an environment where both people and property are protected from harm and intimidation. As such, incidents of physical violence or other such threatening behavior between students within a relationship or outside the context of a relationship which violates the spirit of this principle will not be tolerated by the University. 

Students charged with, and found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct’s prohibition of physical abuse, harassment, or threats of abuse face a variety of sanctions under the Code. In addition, students should be aware that under certain conditions, (roommates, suitemates, apartment mates or others living in the same environment sharing a common bath facility) violations of the Student Code of Conduct involving interpersonal violation may also violate the current Domestic Violence Act (NJSA 2C: 25-17 et seq) as dictated by the state of New Jersey.