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Advertising of Alcohol

No advertising will be allowed for any and all off-campus events featuring the consumption or purchasing of alcohol. This includes but is not limited to parties at homes, bar nights, club socials at bars, etc. No fliers or advertising of any kind by a bar or by student organizations sponsoring an off-campus “Bar Night” may be placed or distributed in residence halls, put on cars, or placed any other location on campus. Violators are subject to fine and/or disciplinary action. 

On-Campus Events With Alcoholic Beverages

Advertising must adhere to the guidelines established in the Campus Advertising Policy, with this exception:  

  • No advertising or other publicity for an on-campus event at which alcohol will be served shall be distributed or posted until after a University Alcohol Permit has been granted. There shall be no advertising or other publicity for such events distributed or posted off-campus.