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Smoking Policy

  1. Monmouth University prohibits smoking in all buildings and facilities, including, but not limited to, residence halls, offices, classrooms, laboratories, theaters, gymnasiums, auditoriums and outdoor stadiums and athletic fields.    
  2. Smoking shall be defined as the burning, vaping, inhaling from, exhaling from, or the possession of a lighted/activated cigarette, pipe, hookah or an electronic device (e-cigarette that can be used for the smoking, inhaling and/or exhaling of smoke and/or vapor. 
  3. Smoking of marijuana is prohibited in all indoor and out areas of the campus.  This includes, but not limited to, all buildings and facilities, residence halls, offices, classrooms, laboratories, theaters, gymnasiums, auditoriums, parking lots, the residential quad, outdoor stadiums and athletic fields.  
  4. In addition to all members of the University community, outside groups who utilize University facilities are required to comply with this policy.  
  5. Individuals exiting a University building to smoke are required to stand at least 25 feet from the entrance and must utilize ashtrays. 
  6. The following disciplinary actions, will be taken against individuals who do not comply with this policy. 

Recommended sanctions for violations within University buildings:

First Offense

  • Reflection paper
  • Official written warning that additional violations will result in more severe disciplinary action.

Second Offense

  • $100 fine
  • Educational Assignment
  • Residence Hall Probation

Third Offense

  • Loss of housing for one semester

Fourth Offense

  • Additional penalties up to and including suspension from the University.