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Computer Resources for Students: Policy and Procedure

Important Notice

The student computer resource policies and procedures shall be distributed via the myMU portal by Information Management and adhered to by all student users of computing resources. Any student who violates the policy is subject to disciplinary action by Monmouth University and possible legal action under the laws of the State of New Jersey and/or the Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act. For more information on computer resources and/or policies and procedures, contact the Information Management Help Desk at 732-923-4357 (HELP) or

A. Responsibilities of Information Management (IM)

1. Resource Access

The Information Management staff provides student access to licensed software for the University community through the general computing labs, computing classrooms, and networks. Hardware and software licenses used in the student computing labs and computer classrooms are administered by IM. Unlicensed or unauthorized software is not permitted on any Monmouth University computer. Also controlled is use of the campus network, including Wi-Fi, which is for authorized users and acceptable purposes. Detail is outlined in the Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy located on the myMU portal.

2. Computing Resources

Monmouth University’s computing resources are provided for the use of current Monmouth University students for academic purposes. Information Management manages these resources for the mutual benefit of all. Information technology resources include labs used for general computing, computer classrooms used for instructional purposes, and the campus network and computing infrastructure. Access to and use of these facilities and resources are contingent upon compliance with these policies and procedures as well as other applicable University rules and policies. 

3. Disclaimer

The staff of IM will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the computer resources and the information stored thereon. However, Monmouth University is not responsible for the loss of information from computing misuses, malfunction of computing hardware, malfunction of computing software, or external contamination of data or programs on personal devices. Backup of important data is strongly recommended for all users. 

4. User Accounts

Students will receive user accounts from IM in accordance with current procedure. Students who have graduated will retain their email privileges as specified by current policy. 

Only currently enrolled Monmouth students are permitted to access the computing resources, use the computing labs, and access library resources remotely. Students are expected to report unauthorized use of accounts or known abuse of a computing resource to IM. Questions on policies for correct use of Monmouth University’s computing and networking resources should be directed to the IM Help Desk. 

5. Remote Access

The University’s network security will block unsolicited traffic to the campus network. In most cases, users attempting to access nonpublic internal systems will be blocked. Where remote access is necessary, Information Management will provide secure procedures for doing so.

B. Responsibilities of User

The Electronic Resources Acceptable Use Policy specifies the responsibilities for use of Monmouth University technology from computers to software to network connectivity.

1. Appropriate Use

Appropriate use of Monmouth University’s information technology includes the efficient and productive use for their intended purposes: appropriately to the goals of the University. These include instructional, research, or University-related activities, and communications with faculty in a shared and equitable manner. Users of these resources must conduct their activities in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner that does not interfere with the rights of others and conforms to all license agreements. Use of University resources for recreational and personal use is permissible as long as the resource utilization does not interfere with the academic or administrative use of the equipment or otherwise prevent others from using the equipment for academic or other non-recreational purposes. Illegal peer-to-peer file sharing or the downloading of copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. 

2. Ethical Use

Computing resources must be used in a manner that reflects consciousness of the right of others. In this context, the student is reminded of the Student Code of Conduct published in the Monmouth University Student Handbook and posted on the University Website and on the myMU portal. Use of any system in a manner that violates any policy published in the Student Handbook, or that deliberately diminishes or interferes with the use of the system by others, is strictly forbidden. 

a. Licensing

The use of software at the University is governed by the terms of licensing agreements between the University and software licensors, and users must abide by the terms of those agreements. The use of such proprietary software may also be subject to copyright or patent restrictions as defined in the license agreements. Users may not copy, disclose, transfer, or remove from the computing labs any microcomputer software issued to IM, including programs, applications, databases, codes, or manuals. Users must return to IM, faculty, or administrator any licensed software issued through IM. Illegal copies of proprietary software in use on Monmouth University equipment will be subject to immediate confiscation and the referral of such incidents to the IM Division. 

b. Sexual Harassment/Pornography

Any use of the computing resources for the creation, display, storage, or transmittal of sexually explicit, pornographic, harassing, abusive, or other similar material or communications shall be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and shall be referred to the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement for appropriate action. 

c. Academic Honesty

Any use of the computing resources to commit academic dishonesty shall be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and shall be referred to the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement for appropriate disciplinary action. 

d. Privacy

Students must not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, passwords, or any type of data or programs belonging to another user unless specifically authorized to do so by the account owner for a specific purpose. 

Interception of network transmissions and analysis of network usage is strictly forbidden. Users should be aware of the following: 

  • It may be possible for individuals to obtain unauthorized access to the facilities, or to other users’ electronic mail or files. 
  • Monmouth University may be ordered by a court of law to surrender communications that have been transmitted over the University network. 

3. Passwords

Users are responsible for their own data and accounts. Anyone who shares his/her password is responsible for any actions taken by someone using their password. Individuals who allow others to use their accounts may lose their access privileges. Users who forget their password should visit the campus technology password change page or use the telephone password reset online. The student can elect to come to the Information Management Help Desk and will be required to present two forms of identification (one with photo) before a new password will be issued. 

4. Internet Usage Guidelines

Commercial use of the University’s computing resources is strictly forbidden. The Internet is not a secure network and should not be relied upon for transmitting confidential or sensitive data without appropriate safeguards. Monmouth University cannot be held responsible for the loss of data or lack of confidentiality. Transmitting large files is not recommended during regular business hours. It is suggested that users transmit such data during off-peak hours if possible. Random electronic mailings (junk mail or “spam”) or repetitive mailings for the purpose of annoying someone are prohibited. 

5. Virus Protection Warning

The University recommends scanning all files for malware that may damage files or disrupt the network. 

6. Lab Environment

Each computer user has the right to a reasonably quiet environment in the computing labs. Each user is expected to exercise good judgment regarding noise levels in consideration of others. Lab attendants and consultants are responsible for maintaining the appropriate lab environment. 

All users also share the responsibility for maintaining a clean environment. No food  
or drink is permitted in any of the computer labs, including the teaching labs. Smoking is prohibited. 

C. Violations and Sanctions

1. Violations

Monmouth University treats the abuse of computing facilities, equipment, software, information, networks, or privileges seriously. Users who violate the policies outlined in this document and/or the Student Code of Conduct and IM-related regulations are subject to sanctions according to the nature, severity, and number of their offenses.  

If a student is found in violation of a computer-related act by the disciplinary processes outlined in the Student Handbook, Information Management retains the right to deny future computing privileges to all computing facilities should it be in the interest of the University to do so. Users may also be subject to further disciplinary action such as, but not limited to: 

  • legal action by the owners and licensors of proprietary software for violation of copyright laws and license agreements 
  • prosecution according to New Jersey and federal law