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Student Center Directory

Lower Level

Center for Student Success (CSS)
Lower Level, 732-571-3487

Global Education Office
Lower Level, 732-923-4768

Service Learning (CSS)
Lower Level, 732-571-4411

Veterans Lounge
Lower Level

The Nest, Food Pantry
Lower Level, 732-571-3484

First Floor

Career Development (CSS)
First Floor, 732-571-3471

First Floor, next to the Information Desk

First Floor, 732-571-3589

Information Desk
First Floor, 732-571-4419

Study Abroad
First Floor, 732-263-5377

Fraternity and Sorority Life
Student Engagement Resource Center
First Floor, 732-263-5319

Second Floor

Division of Student Life
Second Floor, 732-571-3417

Office of Judicial Affairs
Second Floor, 732-263-5218

Office of Student Engagement
Second Floor, 732-571-3586

Student Government Association Office Coordinator
Second Floor, 732-571-3484

Third Floor

Counseling and Prevention Services
Third Floor, 732-571-7517

Student Government Association
Third Floor, 732-923-4700

Student Activities Board
Third Floor, 732-923-4703

Student Clubs and Organizations
Third Floor