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A large group of students representing different chapters of Greek life posing in front of the Great Hall.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Spring 2023

We continue to weather uncertainty and our chapters are doing their best to provide connections and opportunities to engage to their members safely. Many chapters will be taking new member classes in the spring 2023 semester. There is important information for parents and family members regarding eligibility and recognized organizations in the Parent and Family Guide. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life with any questions.

Benefits of Fraternity and Sorority Life:


A place to call home with friendships and bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood lasting beyond the collegiate experience. The opportunity to sharpen interpersonal skills by meeting new people with diverse perspectives and life experiences.

Support for Personal Development

A community of support and accountability to stay focused on personal, academic, and professional goals. The support to challenge one’s self and enhance self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Educational opportunities and experiences that encourage learning and growth.

Opportunities to Make an Impact

At the chapter, council, and community levels, leadership opportunities are offered to gain skills useful professionally beyond the fraternity/sorority experience. Emphasis on community service and philanthropic giving cultivate a spirit of civic engagement and connection with the broader community.

Resources to Encourage Success

Networking opportunities within the Monmouth community, including alumni, as well as inter/national networks of members who understand the fraternal experience and look forward to mentoring young members. These networks also include resources to prioritize academic success and professional readiness.

Monmouth University Fraternity and Sorority Life Academic Archives

Important Note: Recognition of the following organizations at Monmouth University has been withdrawn by their respective Inter/National Headquarters: Delta Tau Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Xi, Alpha Kappa Psi and Zeta Tau Alpha.  The University supports these actions and no longer recognizes Delta Tau Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Xi, Alpha Kappa Psi and Zeta Tau Alpha fraternities as part of the fraternity and sorority community.  Anyone continuing to recruit new members for any of these groups would be violating the Student Code of Conduct and the Inter/National Headquarters’ policies. Similarly, Kappa Sigma is not recognized by Monmouth University, and has no affiliation with the University.

(Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Sigma, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Theta Xi are men’s organizations. Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-educational professional business fraternity. Zeta Tau Alpha is a women’s organization).