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Our Student Center’s Namesake

Dr. Rebecca Stafford

Dr, Rebecca Stafford and Student Center Sign

In June of 2003, Monmouth University’s Student Center was renamed in honor of retiring president, Dr. Rebecca Stafford.

During her successful 10-year tenure, Monmouth achieved university status in 1995 and experienced positive changes in both its size and the quality of the educational experience that it provides for its students.

“I am so honored and flattered to have my name on the student center,” commented Dr. Stafford. “The students have always been what we cared about the most and why we are here.”

The student center opened in 1973 and is considered the hub of student life on campus. It is home to a number of offices, services, student organizations, and departments. Each year, the center hosts a wide variety of programs and activities ranging from student club meetings and concerts, to conferences, workshops, and banquets