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  • Back-up Care Advantage Program

    Monmouth University offers an emergency back-up care program through Bright Horizon Family Solutions to assist employees in balancing the competing demands of work and life. The program gives employees access to a national network of high-quality child care centers that can be used for back-up care when they need to be at work and their regular child arrangements are unavailable. The program also provides in-home back-up care for well and mildly ill children, elder spouses or elder parents, regardless of where they reside.

    This program is available to all full-time and part-time faculty, staff, and administrators of Monmouth University, immediately upon hire. Eligible employees may utilize back-up child care for their children, step-children, adopted children, and/or foster children who are considered IRS dependents. Back-up elder care is available for parents, step-parents, and parent in-laws of eligible Monmouth employees, regardless of where they reside, or elder spouses.

    Monmouth University covers the cost of the annual premium each year; employees are only responsible for the co-payment, which is dependent on the type of services provided.

    For more information regarding the registration process, or the basic co-payment schedule, please download our Information Sheet.