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Monmouth University offers a cafeteria-style dental plan through Delta Dental of New Jersey. Eligible full-time employees may select from: Delta Care (Flagship), which is a DMO; Delta Preferred PPO; or Delta Premier PPO.

Full-time employees are eligible as well as their spouse, civil union partner, and dependent children. Dependent children age out of the dental plan at the end of the month in which they turn 26. Enrollment can occur only when the employee is hired at his/her initial eligibility date, when a qualifying event occurs, or during an open enrollment period. Dental benefits may also be waived.

The University pays $10 toward the employee’s monthly premium. The employee is responsible for the remainder of the premium.

We are pleased to share two new Delta Dental benefit features
  • Carryover Max
    • This valuable benefit feature allows you to carry over a portion of your unused standard annual maximum benefit limit into the next year, and beyond.
    • Standard annual maximum dollars are used first. Carryover Max dollars are used after the standard annual maximum is met.
    • Click Here for more details on this feature
  • Oral Health Enhancement Option
    • If you have previously been treated for gum disease, the Oral Health Enhancement Option allows you to receive up to four dental cleanings or periodontal maintenance procedures each year, instead of the usual two.
    • Eligible members must have a claim history or submit evidence of having periodontal surgery or periodontal scaling and root planing.
    • Click Here for more details on this feature