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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Monmouth University is offering a new voluntary benefit to all full-time benefit eligible employees called Hospital Indemnity Insurance, also known as Hospital Care Insurance. Employees are eligible to enroll during Open Enrollment periods with a January 1 effective date. This policy is written and offered by CIGNA.

Hospital Care coverage provides a scheduled benefit when a covered person incurs a hospital stay resulting from a covered injury or illness. The hospitalization benefit includes a hospital admission, a hospital stay, a hospital admission in connection with a chronic condition as well as a hospital intensive care unit stay and hospital observation stay. These hospitalizations have no elimination period but do have some limitations and benefits periods.

Hospital Care Insurance is not a substitute for comprehensive or major medical insurance but rather an added benefit to provide peace of mind and additional financial protection you may want or need. There is also a once per year Wellness Benefit of $50 when an insured person schedules and receive a preventive or well care service.

Like most other healthcare insurance plans, the covered person files a claim by telephone, mail, email or fax and the benefit is paid directly to the covered person, not the facility or provider. You can use the money received to defray from the cost of your deductible, copay, coinsurance or unexpected costs common with a hospital stay.

This coverage is portable and can be taken with you should you leave the University and benefits and rates do not change if you port your coverage.