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Human Resources

Tuition Remission

Monmouth University offers tuition remission to eligible full-time employees following the applicable waiting period, as well as their spouse and IRS dependent children. Tuition remission is accorded in any course of study at the University, provided that space is available. Tuition remission recipients must meet normal University requirements for admission to a program of study. A Tuition Remission form must be submitted to Human Resources for approval each semester an employee or their eligible dependent intends to take any classes.  Look for changes in the Tuition Remission process in 2019 as we will be moving to an automated system of approvals. Watch your email for launch dates.

Eligible part-time staff and administrative employees receive up to six credits of tuition remission each semester after meeting any waiting period requirements. Part-time teaching adjuncts are eligible for up to three credits of tuition remission during a semester in which they are teaching a minimum of three credits. This benefit applies to part-time employees only, and not their dependents.

Tuition remission eligible expenses include tuition, lab, and studio course charges associated with a given course. All other fees—including but not limited to fees associated with the application, graduation, comprehensive college, credit by examination, study abroad, and program change—shall be paid by the student. Late registration and late payment fees are the responsibility of the student. Income taxes related to this benefit are the responsibility of the employee.  See the attached memo for addition information regarding Tuition Remission benefits and process.

In certain circumstances, tuition remission may be considered a taxable benefit to the employee due to Internal Revenue Service Code regulations. The amount of tuition remission granted to an employee for graduate study (currently in excess of $5,250 each tax year, for the employee only) will be deemed to be taxable to the employee for Federal and State income and Social Security purposes. The amount of tuition remission granted to an employee’s spouse or IRS dependent child for graduate study will be deemed to be taxable to the employee for Federal and State income and Social Security purposes. If the student is a graduate student but is enrolled in an undergraduate course, the employee will also be taxed on the tuition remission benefit. This list is not all inclusive; please consult with your tax consultant regarding the taxation of benefits.