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Leap Year Postcard Database

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Artist: Adolphe Selige

Photo Image of 1908 Leap Year Postcard - Leap Year Recipes
Adolphe Selige
Leap Year Recipes - Kiss Cake

Take one armful of pretty girl, 1 lovely face, 2 laughing brown or blue eyes, 2 rosy cheeks, and 2 lips like strawberries. Mix well and press to lips. The results will be astonishing.
For frosting, take one piece of dark piazza, and a little moonlight, and press into 1 large or small hand so as not to attract attention, two ounces of romance, and 1 or two whiskers. Dissolve one-half dozen glances into a quantity of hesitation and 2 ounces of yielding. Place kiss on blushing lips or cheeks. Flavor with a light scream and set outside to cool.