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Faculty Advisory Council

The Urban Coast Institute’s Faculty Advisory Council was formed to provide it with guidance and new perspectives for enhancing academic and student engagement at Monmouth University. The council includes members representing a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and departments across campus.

Among its roles and responsibilities, the council assists in integrating the UCI more fully into Monmouth’s academic programs to initiate high-impact opportunities for teaching, scholarship, research and service, and to aid in student recruitment. The council also serves as a liaison with Monmouth schools, departments, faculty and programs to increase understanding and support of the UCI mission. Council members will help the UCI identify future opportunities to contribute to program and course development, support in the delivery of academic programming and assist in identifying support for student research, internship/externships, service learning, community service and employment opportunities. The council will also work with UCI to create, host and promote symposia and events on campus.

The council, which includes UCI’s three current affiliated faculty members, was formed through an open process that encouraged all interested faculty to submit letters of interest in the spring of 2021. For more information about the Faculty Advisory Council, contact UCI Associate Director Thomas Herrington at

UCI Affiliated Faculty
Advisory Faculty