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Urban Coast Institute

UCI Videos

The following is a sample of videos about the Urban Coast Institute’s activities and programs. For a full archive of UCI videos, please visit our YouTube Channel.

The Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute

The UCI supports healthy coastal ecosystems and sustainable communities through the best available science and public policy.

Finding New Hope: A Digital Story by Urban Coast Institute Director Tony MacDonald

Urban Coast Institute Director Tony MacDonald talks about his life long love of the ocean and what we can do to save it.

Science Summer Research at Monmouth University

The Monmouth University School of Science Summer Research Program provides students and faculty opportunities to complete projects that make a difference in coastal communities.

Vintage Submerged Locomotives off Long Branch, NJ

ROV footage of two Civil War era locomotives submerged about 6 miles east of Long Branch, New Jersey. Footage taken by UCI Marine Scientist Jim Nickels and Monmouth University students.

Monmouth ROV Training

Jim Nickels, a Marine Scientist with the Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute, trains a group of high school students on how to pilot a remote-operated underwater vehicle or ROV.

Who We Are and What We Do: Research

Who We Are and What We Do: Community

Who We Are and What We Do: Policy