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    Michael Barnathan

    Michael Barnathan

    Michael Barnathan (B.S. in Computer Science, 2006) is currently a software engineer with Google, where he works on the internal development tools used to build and test Google's software. He earned a Ph.D. in Computer and Information Sciences at Temple University in 2010. His doctoral research involved the application of machine learning to medical image diagnostics, leading to the development of systems capable of diagnosing tumors in mammograms and brain MRIs with approximately 90% accuracy.

    Quote:"Set on becoming a software developer from childhood, Monmouth challenged me to look farther: to become not only the best developer I could be, but to acquire new skills and a broader perspective - to achieve my full potential across fields and become the best person I could be."

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    Shawn Elliott, December 2004

    Shawn Elliott, graduate

    Employer: LJT & Associates, Inc., Herndon, VA

    Job: Systems Engineer – Understands and documents customer needs, designs products to meet those needs, informs customers of design changes as development proceeds, and ensures that implementations meet the specification

    Quote: “I have been involved in procurement and logistics database development, Web-based portal migration, database conversions, and Geographic Information Systems for the US Navy. My education at Monmouth University prepared me very well for this work.”

    Lauren Landrigan, May 2004

    Lauren Landrigan, graduate

    Employer: U.S. Army Software Engineering Center, Fort Monmouth, NJ

    Job: Software Engineer - Developing Command and Control Battle Space applications

    Quote: "The courses at Monmouth University in Requirements Management, the Personal Software Process, and Human Computer Interfaces have helped tremendously early in my career."

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    Mike DiGiovanni, December 2004

    Mike DiGiovanni, graduate

    Employer: American Insurance General (AIG) Inc., Neptune, NJ

    Job: Java developer who creates and maintains systems for the business area of the company. He solicits requirements from the business area, designs the applications, code, and deploys the software. He also coordinates the development and release of interdependent systems.

    Quote: “My classes at Monmouth University set me up to be ready for almost all of the work I've been assigned to do. The most important part of the program was the practicum and the presentation of that project. It was a perfect collection of the many required tasks that I get whenever I'm involved with a new project here.”

    Raffi Khatchadourian

    raffit khatRaffi Khatchadourian (BS in CS, 2004) earned a Ph.D. in the Ohio State University's Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2011. His Ph.D. thesis was titled Techniques for Automated Software Evolution. During his doctoral study, he was selected by the National Science Foundation for an East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes (EAPSI) award for U.S. graduate students, which enabled him to travel to the University of Tokyo for research. Raffi is currently working for Apple Inc. as an RF Systems Integration Engineering with the iPhone/iPad team.

    Suhaib Obeidat

    Suhaib Obeidat

    Suhaib Obeidat (MS in CS, 2001) successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at Arizona State University's School of Computing and Informatics in 2008. His Ph.D. dissertation work was done under the supervision of Dr. Violet R. Syrotiuk and is titled “Cross-layer opportunistic adaptation for voice communications over wireless ad hoc networks.” Suheib completed his MS in Computer Science at Monmouth under the supervision of Dr. Obaidat. His M.S. thesis topic at Monmouth was “Performance Evaluation of Adaptive ABR Voice over ATM Networks.”

    Patty Azzarello

    Patty Azzarello

    Patty Azzarello '86, is a graduate of the Electronic Engineering Department with a Minor in Computer Science. Her long career in engineering and software has included stints at Bell Labs and Hewlett Packard. After a successful career as an enterprise technology executive and CEO, Patty is currently the owner and founder of her own company, Azzarello Group, Inc. Azzarello Group helps companies improve how they run their businesses and helps leaders think and work more strategically.

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    Trish Millines-Dziko

    Trish Millines-Dziko

    Trish Millines-Dziko '79, a graduate of the Computer Science Department, received the Distinguished Alumni Award at the Founders' Day Convocation, October 10, 2007. A gifted student and an outstanding athlete, she went on to a distinguished career at Microsoft and then co-founded the Technology Access Foundation, which provides children of color with technology experience through education and access opportunities. Read more ...