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School of Science

Featured Alumni and Graduates

Check out our collection of alumni and graduate stories from the School of Science!

We are very proud to present our former students and their accomplishments. Many alumni and graduates of Monmouth University leave to do many amazing things in their career, and travel to great places. Students from all different majors from Monmouth’s School of Science are highlighted here to show how they have progressed in their life after Monmouth University.

Kandria Ledesma, MD ’14

Terry Caliste

Tanya Collin

Kelsey Sparta

Jessica Buck

John Wnek

Kevin Wioland

Patrycja Bolewska

Taylor Campos

Bruce Kratz

Jessica Lisa

Nicole Famularo

Emily Pumphrey Pearson

Robert Powoski

Patrick Fedick

Lauren Niesz

Ryan Gergely

Josette Hutcheson