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Kandria Ledesma, MD ’14

Kandria earned her Monmouth degree in Biology with a Concentration in Molecular Physiology.  She is currently a first year emergency medicine resident at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, CA. She shares the story of her journey below:

‘I transferred to Monmouth University during the spring semester of my freshman year. It was difficult at first to get to know people since most freshmen had met during the summer for orientation, however, I soon discovered a group of people I would form long lasting friendships with; the students in the School of Science.

Monmouth offered a major in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Physiology which prepared me for medical school. The course load and the required courses provided the fundamental basis for my first two years of medical school in Antigua. The study skills I acquired for Dr. Dunphy’s Anatomy and Physiology class, Dr. Rhoads’ Biochemistry and Cell Biology classes, and Dr. Lobo’s Molecular Cell Biology class helped me in my board examinations.

My Spanish minor enhanced my knowledge of the Spanish language.  The ability to communicate in Spanish allowed me to bond with Spanish speaking patients during a medical missions trip to Honduras and with patients in the emergency department.

My roles as Peer Mentor, Peer Mentor Coordinator, Peer Assisted Learning leader in the School of Science, and president of Beta Beta Beta, the Biology Honor Society, provided skills to become a well-rounded physician and individual. I mentored students who needed pre-medical advice. In my effort to pay forward all the advice I received from my peers, I created a website depicting my journey through medical school and residency, where I provided advice to medical students during their first two years as well as for those  applying to residency.

Monmouth’s Pre-Health Advising Committee provided different opportunities for me as a pre-medical student. The affiliation between American University of Antigua (AUA) and MU provided a chance for me to enter medical school. I started AUA in September of 2014, doing basic science courses for 2 years in Antigua, then continued my clinical rotations in New York and in California. I graduated in June of 2019. I am currently a first year emergency medicine resident physician at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, California: my number one program. I love being in the Emergency Department – it’s fast, fun and a thrill!  I am able to see many different disease pathologies as well as help treat emergent cases that could ultimately save a person’s life. I have two more years left in my program and plan to pursue a fellowship in Global EM, Critical Care Medicine or Ultrasound and ultimately work in a community hospital, much like where I am today.

Monmouth University gave me the opportunities and the resources to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. From the multiple programs of study, to the mentoring, the networking opportunities, and the lasting friendships with faculty and peers; without this school, I would never have made it to where I am today.

Thank you, MU!’