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History & Anthropology

Anthropology (BA)

The anthropology curriculum is designed to provide a liberal arts education that emphasizes the scientific study of humanity. Three areas of anthropology are covered: cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology.

The goal of the anthropology program is to provide students with a broad understanding of humanity that will be relevant to their
professions, their daily lives, and their larger roles in the modern world.

Succeeding in Anthropology classes:



The History and Anthropology faculty has a strong commitment to departmental advising as a component of the academic experience. Each student is assigned an advisor who is available to aide the student with curriculum choices, the scheduling
process, and career expectations and goals. Professors are available during weekly office hours and by appointment. For questions, please contact Maureen Dorment, the Department Advising Coordinator for History and Anthropology at

Independent Study:

Experiential Education

Careers and Professional Development for Majors in History and Anthropology

Life after Monmouth:

What Can I Do with My Anthropology B.A.?

Future Educator Panel for History and Anthropology majors (Monmouth University April 2016)