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Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Meet Our Faculty and Staff


Daniela Rosca

Daniela M. Rosca, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

Photo of Joe Chung, Ph.D.

Joe Chung, Ph.D.

UNIX Administrator-Teacher

Photo of Gil D. Eckert, M.S.

Gil D. Eckert, M.S.

Specialist Professor

Photo of Katie T. Gatto

Katie T. Gatto

Specialist Professor

Rolf F. Kamp


Photo of Samer Y Khamaiseh, Ph.D.

Samer Y. Khamaiseh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Jamie M. Kretsch

Jamie M. Kretsch

Senior Specialist Professor

Richard Sherl

Richard B. Scherl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Cui Yu, Ph.D.

Cui Yu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Ling Zheng

Ling Zheng, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Part-time Faculty


Photo of Christina Venezia

Christina Venezia

Office Coordinator