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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Department of Biology

Meet Our Faculty and Staff


Photo of Dorothy Lobo, Ph.D.

Dorothy Lobo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Full-time Faculty

Photo of Jason E. Adolf, Ph.D.

Jason E. Adolf, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Endowed Associate Professor of Marine Science

Photo of Pedram P. Daneshgar

Pedram P. Daneshgar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Bernadette A. Dunphy, PT; D.PT

Bernadette A. Dunphy, PT; D.PT

Specialist Professor
Director Pre-Health Advising

Photo of Keith J. Dunton

Keith J. Dunton

Assistant Professor

Photo of Ivan A. Gepner, Ph.D.

Ivan A. Gepner, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Martin J. Hicks, Ph.D.

Martin J. Hicks, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Cathryn L. Kubera, Ph.D.

Cathryn L. Kubera, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Kathryn A. Lionetti, Ph.D.

Kathryn A. Lionetti, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of James P. Mack, Ed.D.

James P. Mack, Ed.D.

Professor of Biology

Photo of Megan V. Phifer-Rixey, Phd

Megan V. Phifer-Rixey, Phd

Assistant Professor

Photo of Sean Sterrett

Sean C. Sterrett, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Photo of John A. Tiedemann

John A. Tiedemann

Assistant Dean, School of Science
Director, Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy Program (MEBP)

Photo of Jeffrey Weisburg

Jeffrey H. Weisburg, Ph.D.

Specialist Professor

Part-time Faculty


Photo of Patricia Hicks

Patricia Hicks

Biology Laboratory Technician

Photo of Anne Marie Lavin

Anne Marie Lavin

Laboratory Supervisor/Compliance

Kristi McDonald

Laboratory Animal & Vivarium Technician



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