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Department of Biology

Department of Biology


The biology curriculum fosters the development of critical thinking and scientific perspective as students learn about the study of life and living organisms. The department maintains an academic environment in which the potential of all students can be realized.

The biology major provides students with a broad basis for success in biological sciences, while the concentration in molecular cell physiology prepares students for the multitude of applications associated with biotechnology and medicine.

The B.S. in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy focuses on the study of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, ecosystem processes, and related environmental issues

The department is committed to experiential learning through laboratory exercises, field experiences, and the opportunity to participate in biological research, internships, and cooperative education programs. While grounded in basic biological education, the curriculum also provides elective concentrations with a focus on state-of-the-art applied biology:

  • environmental and aquatic biology focuses on the unique ecosystems and environmental concerns of coastal New Jersey
  • cellular and molecular biology focuses on select aspects of biology significant to biotechnology