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Monmouth Early Warning System (MEWS)

Keeping Students on Track!



Monmouth’s Early Warning System (MEWS) is used to monitor the academic progress of specific student groups.

This program provides a timely approach to monitoring and identifying students who are experiencing academic difficulty and connecting them to their academic advisors.


Currently, the populations being monitored include:

  • All first-year students
  • All transfer students
  • All athletes
  • All undeclared sophomores
  • All students registered with the Department of Disability Services (DDS)
  • All students participating in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
  • All students identified by the Academic Standards and Review Committee (ASRC)
  • International students
  • Military veterans


  • MEWS is an electronic checklist located on WebAdvisor that faculty members can use to notify academic advisors that their advisees in the MEWS population are experiencing academic difficulty.
  • When a faculty member electronically submits the MEWS checklist, both the advisor and student are notified by e-mail.
  • Students receive specific information about possible classroom issues and are advised to contact their advisor to discuss difficulties they might be having in a specific course and to work on strategies to overcome those difficulties. The Center for Student Success has various academic resource information included in the e-mail to assist the student.
  • Advisors receive the e-mail checklist of concerns and are encouraged to reach out to the student to discuss the MEWS report.
  • After discussing the MEWS report with the student, the advisor is encouraged to complete the MEWS Advisor Follow-Up form in WebAdvisor. The form outlines the specific strategy agreed upon by the student and advisor in order to improve the student’s academic performance.
  • Only faculty members who have students in their classes, who are in the MEWS population, are sent an e-mail. Faculty members are advised to go to WebAdvisor to complete the MEWS checklist for each MEWS student.
  • A checklist must be completed for each student on the faculty member’s MEWS roster.
  • If a student is not having problems, the faculty member must check the box “no problem.”
  • The MEWS reporting period has a deadline and a report must be submitted on each student on the MEWS roster before the deadline.
  • For the program to be successful and effective, we must have 100% participation: this includes reporting students with no problems.
  • Individual students may be added to MEWS via request.

We thank you for your continued cooperation.

Danielle Schrama, Director of MEWS