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Academic Advising

Welcome to Monmouth University Academic Advising

Mission Statement

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between a student and his/her academic advisor. The intent of this collaboration is to empower and guide the student in the meaningful determination and development of his/her educational goals, objectives, consistent with personal interest, abilities and values. At the core of this advising process are individualized academic planning, career exploration and development, major declaration, familiarity with advising resources, course selection and registration, internship and study abroad options, degree audit, early intervention, academic standards, graduation requirements, and overall student development.

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Advising Principles and Core Values

Monmouth University’s academic advisors will empower and provide guidance to students in a mentoring environment by challenging them to explore their values and interests, develop positive aptitudes and skills, discuss curricular and co-curricular options, and think critically about their educational and career goals. Commitment, dedication, and knowledge of all aspects of advising are at the core and critical to effective academic advising. All MU students deserve an ongoing, individualized, four-year educational plan and good academic advising.

Advising Structure at Monmouth University

Academic advising takes place at various locations throughout Monmouth University, including:

  • All first-year students are advised in the First Year Advising Office in the Center for Student Success (CSS).
  • Sophomore undeclared students are advised in the Undeclared Services area of the CSS until completion of 58 credits.
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors with declared majors are advised within their respective academic departments.
  • New transfer students with 18+ credits are assisted through the CSS in regard to:
    • arranging an appointment with their academic department to meet with a faculty advisor for advising and registration;
    • math placement testing (if applicable); and
    • transfer orientation and other topics.

    CSS student development counselors are available to assist new transfer students with transitional concerns.

  • Career planning and advising begins in the first year of a student’s arrival at Monmouth University, coordinated in the CSS by the First Year Advising Office, Undeclared Services, and the Career Services office. Career Services are available to all Monmouth University students and alumni.