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Student Funding Overview

SGA receives a portion of the comprehensive fee every year to provide financial support in the form of annual funding to our clubs and organizations, to provide special event funding (SEF) for students and clubs, to provide sport club funding (SCF) to the University’s club sports, and to offer travel funding (TFR) to students and student groups that are not eligible to receive annual funding from SGA.

In an effort to help students, clubs and their advisors, the MU portal page provides guidelines that highlight how annual, SEF, SCF and TFR may be used. Students, clubs, and their advisors are encouraged to review the guidelines before they plan a program, a trip off-campus, intend to purchase items or in general request funding from SGA.

For more information regarding the Budget Process Timeline, Proper Use of Funds, Club Funding Use Guidelines, and where to submit a Budget Request form, please see below instruction on how to access this information through the MU Portal.

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