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“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” — John F. Kennedy

From the moment you become a Monmouth University student, you are a General Member of SGA. As a General Member, you have the right to attend SGA meetings, serve on SGA committees, and provide the Senate with thoughtful insight, concerns, and ideas for improving our campus experience. 

For students who wish to take on a greater role, we encourage you to run for one of the many elected positions within the Senate. These include: 

  • 6 Freshmen Senators (selected during the First Year process every September)
  • 6 Sophomore Senators
  • 6 Junior Senators
  • 6 Senior Senators
  • 4 Senators At-Large
  • 2 Commuter Senators

SGA also has a President, Vice President, and Cabinet. Students who wish to run for President or Vice President are required to serve within SGA for one full year, be in good standing with the university, serve for one full semester as a committee chairperson or Cabinet member, and carry a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. 

There are 7 Cabinet positions within SGA including: Attorney General, Director of Access & Inclusion, Director of Finance, Director of Programming, Director of Public Relations, Director of University Affairs, and President Pro-Tempore. The Cabinet is appointed by the President and Vice President and each Cabinet member oversees two SGA committees. Cabinet members who were appointed by the President and Vice President but were not elected by the student body do not have voting rights within SGA. 

First Year Senator Program

During the first few weeks of September, SGA will interview all first-year students who applied to the First Year Senator Program. This program is open to any new, first-year student. Unlike a traditional election, first-year candidates will submit an online application and be asked to sign up for an interview with the Senate. After SGA has met with all the candidates, six are chosen to represent the first-year class in the Senate for the academic year. These new Senators are given a mentor from SGA who will help guide them throughout their first semester in SGA. 

Open Seats During the Academic Year

If there is ever an open seat that needs to be filled, SGA will hold an open, general election to fill the seat(s) in the fall. If a seat becomes open after the fall general election, SGA will solicit candidates and hold interviews during an SGA meeting. Those seats are filled by a simple majority vote (50% + 1) of the voting members of SGA. 

Spring General Election

During the spring semester, SGA will hold its annual general election where every seat on SGA is open for the next academic year. Candidates will submit an application, campaign for a set period, and then the entire student body will cast ballots online for the candidates. 

For more information about the election process or how to become an active general member, please email 

Do you have a question, suggestion, or comment that you would like to share with SGA?