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Governing Bodies

The student organizations and clubs contained within this list are the only organizations and clubs with official recognition by the University. Any other organization or club not having University recognition is not one that is supported by the University. Any organization or club not having University recognition may not state or infer such recognition by the University or use the University’s name or resources.

Greek Senate

Monmouth University Box: 66
Contact: Jayde Ware
Phone: 732-263-5319

The Greek Senate is the governing body for all social Greek letter organizations on campus. Its purpose is to discuss, adopt, and carry out procedures necessary for the general welfare of the groups. The organization instills the principles of brotherhood/sisterhood among the membership and within each fraternity and sorority organization. The senate has the power to direct and assist member organizations with social, philanthropic, and/or political activities within the campus setting, and works in cooperation with the Office of Student Engagement and the national headquarters. The Greek Senate seeks to foster unity among the fraternity and sorority community.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Monmouth University Box: 67
Contact: Vice President Mary Anne Nagy/Vaughn Clay
Phone: 732-571-3484
Web Site:

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the governing body of all student clubs and organizations on campus. SGA is directly responsible for the clubs’ annual funding. The student government has many committees serving students’ interests including: academic affairs, events programming, elections/ recruitment, human and community relations, finance, public relations, and student affairs. SGA’s mission at Monmouth University is to promote the welfare of the student body.