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Student Government Association

2021/2022 Budget Process Timeline

Please note: Dates and times are subject to change at the discretion of the Budget Committee

Thursday, December 31, 2020 by 4:00 pm

Budget packet deadline

  • Clubs/organizations must have their completed budget request proposal and approval by their club advisor on the MUPortal by this deadline.
  • The club/organization representative will also be required to schedule a meeting with the SGA representatives to review the club/organization’s requested budget. Sign-ups will begin on Monday, January 28th on the MUPortal (Step 3 of the budget process).
  • Failure to attend the scheduled meeting without notice to the Budget Committee within 24 hours of the scheduled meeting time will result in a percentage off the club/organization’s final budget allocation.

Late Budget Submissions

  • One business day late: 15% off the final allocation
  • Two business days late: 20% off the final allocation
  • Three business days late: 25% off the final allocation
  • Four business days late: 30% off the final allocation
  • Five business days late: 35% off the final allocation
  • Six business days late: no funding for the academic year

2021, Date to be determined

Budget carousel meeting

  • If your club requested under $10,000, your group does not have to attend the budget carousel unless you want to.
  • Each club/organization will have a scheduled time to meet with the Budget Committee.
  • Attendance is required. Therefore, failure to attend a meeting will result in a voided contract.

To be determined

Budgets Contract Distribution
At this time, the Budget Committee will have drafted a copy of each club/organizations’ budget contract emailed to all clubs and organizations.  Because of the Covid 19 crisis, clubs and organizations that receive an annual funding contract for 2020 will not be required to sign, date and return to the SGA.

Due to the Covid 19 crisis, annual funding from 2020/2021 will remain in club and organization accounts for use again in 2021/2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Any remaining annual funds left in the club’s University account at the and of the academic year, will be deducted from the final allocation the club will receive for the next academic school year. It is with that in mind that clubs are encouraged to responsibly use all of the annual funding it receives within the course of one (1) academic school year (approximately September 1 to mid April).

To be determined

Deadline to appeal budget allocation

To appeal the budget allocation, the club/organization must complete and submit an annual funding appeal form to the SGA Secretary.  All funding appeals must be submitted by 4 p.m. on this date, no exceptions.