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Proper Use of Funds

Funds remaining at the end of the year

  1. Clubs will have until the last day of classes* during the spring semester to use any and all remaining funds in their University account.  Purchasing last minute items, just to use up the remaining funds (i.e. decorations, clothing, food, etc.) is not a valid expense.
  2. When a club receives annual funding, the club is expected to make every reasonable effort to use up that funding within the course of one (1) academic school year (approximately September 1 to May 1).
  3. Beginning no earlier than the first day of finals during the spring semester, SGA will start to review the remaining balances of all of the clubs that received an annual budget from the Senate.
  4. Any annual funds that remain in the club’s account at the end of the school year will be deducted from the annual funding allocation the club it set to receive for the next academic school year.

Please Note: Any club that attempts to access the University budget after the last day of classes during the spring semester may be subject to penalties from the Senate. The club in question will be given a fair and equal opportunity to defend its position before a vote by the Senate is carried out.  It may be necessary for SGA to review such allegations once the following fall semester begins and the Senate has quorum. In the event that a club or organization has been found in violation, the Senate reserves the right to sanction the club or organization based on the severity of the case.

Budget Standards- Late Budgets/ Missed Meetings/ Etc.

SGA has made an effort to provide all eligible clubs with enough time to complete,  submit, and meet about their annual budget request.  In fairness to all clubs, SGA needs to have some standards in place for groups that do not turn in their completed budget request on time and fail to meet all requirements to receive funding.

  • Missed budget meeting: no funding for the academic year
  • Rescheduled budget meeting: (up to) 20% off the final allocation
  • Incomplete answer provided in the written funding request: 5% off the final allocation

Late Budget Submissions

  • One business day late: 15% off the final allocation
  • Two business days late: 20% off the final allocation
  • Three business days late: 25% off the final allocation
  • Four business days late: 30% off the final allocation
  • Five business days late: 35% off the final allocation
  • Six business days late: no funding for the academic year

Previously misappropriated funds penalty to be determined by the Finance Committee

Your participation in the Fall Leadership Conference/workshops and SGA’s Big Event are taken into consideration upon review of your budget request.

*clubs that operate year-round and who have received prior approval from SGA, will be permitted to access their annual funds on 12 month basis.