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School of Science

2014 Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research Winners

2014 Student Research Conference

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research


First Place: Sammy Saka, Gary Prato, Samantha Silvent

Project title: Computational Examination of G-Quadruplex Thermodynamic Stabilization through Ligand Binding

Faculty mentors: Dr. Massimiliano Lamberto, Dr. Dmytro v. Kosenkov

Second Place: Kevin Dillon

Project title: Characterization of a Bacterium Isolated from Barnegat Bay, NJ that can Degrade 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine (caffeine)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Pesce


First Place: Jake Vernon, Matthew Marino, Nicholas Helstetter, David Aviles

Project title: C.R.S.- Course Registration System

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Danilea Rosca

Second Place: Jessica Cobb, Thomas Darlington, Taylor Krenzke, Krista Varanyak

Project title: Analysis of Animal Trauma Triage, Mortality Rates, and Hospital Visit Costs across Different Pet Names:  How “lucky” is Lucky?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Bastian

Empirical Research Winners

Dr. Massimiliano Lamberto, Gary Prato, Samantha Silvent, Sammy Saka,

Dean Michael A Palladino and Kevin Dillon

Integrative Research Winners

Matthew Marino, Nicholas Helmstetter, David Aviles, Jake Vernon, Dean Palladino,

Jessica Cobb, Thomas Darlington

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