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School of Science

2017 Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2017 Student Research Conference

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Student Research

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Biology (Tie):

Presented to: Cayla R. Sullivan
Project Title: The Effects of Anthropogenic Sourced Nitrogen Deposition on Salt Marshes
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pedram Daneshgar

Presented to: Jennifer Urmston
Project Title: The Short and Long-Term Effects of Weather and Climate Variables on the Growth of Pinus rigida in New Jersey Maritime Forests
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Pedram Daneshgar and Dr. Richard Bastian

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Chemistry and Physics:

Presented to: Christina Culmone, Jessica Stanton, and Jamie Himmelreich
Project Title: Investigation into the Usefulness of the Immature Platelet Fraction in the Early Detection of Sepsis
Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Schreiber

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Computer Science and Software Engineering:

Presented to: Alex Kaczynski, Grady Jenkins, Kevin Meehl, and Tejal Deshpande
Project Title: Student Campus Location Tracker
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniela Rosca

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Mathematics:

Presented to: Christina Alexander, Joseph Govea and Anthony Hamill
Project Title: Analysis of State Choices under the Affordable Care Act
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Richard Bastian and Dr. Stephan Chapman