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School of Science

2009 Student Research Conference Winners

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research


Ruth Adekunle (left) and Julia Arpino

First Place

Ruth O. Adekunle and
Julia Francesca Arpino

Abstract: E-cadherin Expression in Subconfluent and Confluent Fibroblast Cells

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Lobo


Dr. Michael Palladino (left), Rebecca Tyson, and
Anoop Shah

Second Place

Anoop B. Shah and
Rebecca L. Tyson

Abstract: Identifying Target Genes for Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 in the Testis

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael A. Palladino


Darsi Pitchon (left), Michelle Zook, and
Dr. Dennis Rhoads

Third Place (Tie)

Darsi Pitchon and Michelle Lynn Zook

Abstract: Caffeine and Adenosine Receptor Expression as Modifiers of Adolescent Alcohol Dependency

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis E. Rhoads


Michael Slisz (left), Marian Gaballah, and Mary Grace Baker

Mary Grace Baker, Marian Gaballah, and Michael J. Slisz

Abstract: Contact Inhibition Alters the
JNK-1 Stress Response

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Lobo