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School of Science

2015 Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research

2015 Student Research Conference

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research


First Place: Nicole Famularo
Project title: Integration of Chemical Instrumentation into the Industrial Internet: A Titration Experiment
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dmytro V. Kosenkov

Second Place: Kevin Dillon
Project Title: Profiling of Bacteria from Sewage and Water Bodies that Degrade 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine (Caffeine)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Pesce


First Place: Jessica Kozma
Project Title: R and the Welch Correction
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Richard Bastian

Second Place: Jessica Kostiou, Alex Kristensen, and Courtney Locke
Project Title: Battlemind
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniella Rosca

Dean's Award Winners
Pictured: (Front Row) Dean Michael Palladino, Courtney Locke, Jessica Kostiou, Jessica Kozma, Nicole Famularo, and Kevin Dillon; (Back Row) Assistant Dean John Tiedemann, Dr. Daniela Rosca, Dr. Dmytro Kosenkov, and Associate Dean Catherine Duckett