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2013 Student Research Conference Winners

2013 Student Research Conference

Dean’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Empirical Research

Gary Prato, Samantha Silvent
Project Title: Molecular Modeling of DNA Binding Potential Anti-Cancer Drug:  Napthaline Diimide
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Dmytro Kosenkov, Dr. Massimiliano Lamberto

Krystal Orlando
Project Title: Excitory and Inhibitory Imbalance in the Receptor Proteome of Adolescent Alcohol Dependency
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis E. Rhoads

Integrative Research

Steven Cregan, Garrett Haas, Gage Jackson, Patrick McDonald
Project Title: Put-A-Tag: A Generic Tagging Tool
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cui Yu

Chris Del Fattore, Bruce Lukens, Jesse Rosero
Project Title: The Mark – a Commenting Application
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cui Yu