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School of Education

Adjunct Faculty

Curriculum and Instruction

Photo of Gregory Duffy

Gregory Duffy

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Adrienne T. Hansen

Adrienne T. Hansen

Adjunct Professor

Jamie Koransky

Provisional Teacher Program Instructor

Photo of Judy L. LoBianco

Judy L. LoBianco

Adjunct Professor

Alyssa May


Photo of Donna T. Mitchell

Donna T. Mitchell

Clinical Faculty Supervisor

Photo of William T. Smith

William T. Smith

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Brian C. Vieth

Brian C. Vieth

Adjunct Professor

Educational Counseling and Leadership

Special Education

Photo of Gail I. Becker, Ph.D.

Gail I. Becker, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Wendy Keen


Photo of Susan J. Luchenta

Susan J. Luchenta

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Dawn C. McCulloch

Dawn C. McCulloch

Adjunct Professor

Photo of Vincent Sasso

Vincent Sasso

Adjunct Professor

Speech-Language Pathology

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