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Date Region Title
12/05/2017 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia 2017 Mid-Atlantic Coastal Policy
12/05/2017 Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia 2017 Mid-Atlantic Coast Survey
11/06/2017 Virginia Two Point Race For Governor
11/01/2017 New Jersey Murphy Holds Steady Lead
10/26/2017 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Long-Term Toll on Mental Health
10/25/2017 New Jersey NJ Sandy Panel: Still Dissatisfied With Recovery
10/17/2017 Virginia Race for Governor Deadlocked
10/03/2017 New Jersey Murphy Leads Guadagno by 14
09/26/2017 Virginia Northam Leads in Close Race
09/21/2017 National Public Takes Softer Stance on Illegal Immigration
09/20/2017 National Trump Voters Not Bothered by Overtures to Democrats
08/17/2017 National Most Say Opioid Crisis is “Very Serious”
08/16/2017 National Split on Trump Handling North Korea
08/15/2017 National Trump Temperament Consequences
07/31/2017 New Jersey Mixed Views on Quality of Life
07/24/2017 Virginia Tied Race For Governor
07/18/2017 National Senate Health Care Bill Gets Thumbs Down
07/17/2017 National Trump Rating Holds Steady Despite Campaign’s 2016 Russia Meeting
07/12/2017 New Jersey Murphy Has Big Lead Over Guadagno
07/10/2017 New Jersey Choice Words for “Beachgate”
05/31/2017 National Trump is His Own Worst Spokesperson; Spicer, Conway Not Much Better
05/24/2017 National Not Much Swamp-Draining in DC
05/18/2017 National Does Trump-Russia Relationship Pose Security Threat? Public Split
03/29/2017 National POTUS Less Trusted Than Media, “Fake News” Comes From All Sources
03/22/2017 National America Remains Deeply Divided