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Date Region Title
09/20/2018 New Jersey Dem Tilt in CD07
09/18/2018 California GOP Edge in CD39
09/13/2018 Pennsylvania Uncertain Dem Edge in CD07
09/12/2018 New York Voters Divided in CD19
09/10/2018 National, California, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia State of the 2018 House Race
08/22/2018 National Voters Prefer Political Outsiders…but with Experience
08/20/2018 National Few Say Trump Hires ‘Best People’
08/14/2018 New Jersey Tight Race in CD03
08/01/2018 Ohio Gap Narrows in CD12 Special
07/24/2018 Pennsylvania Dem Has Advantage in CD17
07/17/2018 California Neck and Neck in CD48
06/27/2018 New Jersey Dem Has Slight Edge in CD11
06/26/2018 Virginia GOP Trailing in CD10
06/20/2018 West Virginia Dems Doing Well in Senate, CD03
06/18/2018 National No Change in House Ballot
06/15/2018 National Mixed Reviews On G-7 Summit; Putin Seen as Trump’s Best Pal
06/14/2018 National Trump Looked Strong, But So Did Kim; North Korea May Have Gained More
06/11/2018 Ohio GOP Leads in CD12 Special
06/04/2018 Pennsylvania CD01 Incumbent Popular, But Race is Close
05/29/2018 New Jersey State Rating Hits 38 Year Low as Quality of Life Views Ebb
05/22/2018 National Washington Not Paying Enough Attention to Infrastructure
05/09/2018 National Few Feel Positive Impact From Growing Economy
05/03/2018 National Dems +8 On House Ballot
05/01/2018 National Public Not Fazed by Unconventional Presidency; Trump Ratings Stable
04/24/2018 New Jersey Cavalcade of Governors 2018