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Date Region Title
03/07/2017 National Cost Drives Opinion on Health Care
03/06/2017 National Divided on Trump, Russia, Travel Ban
02/09/2017 National Most Want a Partner Like Them
02/07/2017 National Health Care is Top Concern of American Families
01/17/2017 National Uncertain Expectations for Pres. Trump
11/07/2016 National Clinton Leads by 6 Points
10/17/2016 National Trump Hurt by Misconduct Claims as Clinton Lead Widens
09/28/2016 National 2016 Brought Out Worst in People
09/26/2016 National Prez Race Narrows on Debate Eve
08/29/2016 National Clinton Holds Lead Amid Record High Dislike of Both Nominees
08/10/2016 National The Divided State of America
08/08/2016 National Clinton Opens Post-Convention Lead
07/19/2016 National Race Relations Worsen
07/18/2016 National Trump Closes in on Clinton
06/23/2016 National Who Leads in the Veepstakes?
06/20/2016 National Clinton Leads Trump by 7
03/24/2016 National General Election Preview – Clinton Leads Trump, Cruz but Not Kasich
03/23/2016 National Non-Trump Republicans Want Different Nominee Even If He Leads
03/21/2016 National Senate Should Consider SCOTUS Pick
01/25/2016 National An Angry America
01/20/2016 National Trump Holds National Lead
01/19/2016 National Sanders Cuts into Clinton Lead
01/05/2016 National Public Says Climate Change is Real
12/17/2015 National More Holiday Joy than Stress
12/16/2015 National Clinton Maintains Big Lead