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Date Region Title
12/15/2015 National Public Balks at Trump Muslim Proposal
12/14/2015 National Trump Widens National Lead
11/05/2015 National No Opinion on Free Trade Pact
10/21/2015 National America Tired of Clinton Email Story
10/20/2015 National House Speakership Shadows GOP 2016
10/19/2015 National Clinton Holds Post-Debate Lead
09/17/2015 National U.S. Catholics Look Forward to Pope’s Visit
09/10/2015 National Split Decision on Mexico Border Wall
09/08/2015 National Clinton Lead Shrinks
09/03/2015 National Trump Holds Lead, Carson 2nd
08/12/2015 National Public Supports Investigation of Clinton Emails
08/10/2015 National Iran Got Better End of Deal
08/05/2015 National Clinton Maintains Lead
08/04/2015 National Public Narrowly Opposes Planned Parenthood Funding Cut
08/03/2015 National Trump Widens Lead
07/22/2015 National Many Feel Loose Finance Rules Help Unqualified Candidates
07/15/2015 National Clinton Leads, but Sanders Rising
07/14/2015 National Public Doesn’t Trust Iran on Nuke Deal
07/13/2015 National Bush, Trump Get Bumps
07/09/2015 National DC’s Negative Impact on Americans
06/22/2015 National Concern Over Govt Cyber Attacks
06/17/2015 National Voters Optimistic for 2016
06/16/2015 National Clinton Holds Steady in Dem Race
06/15/2015 National No ‘Top Tier’ in 2016 GOP Race
04/29/2015 National Blacks Less Satisfied With Local Police