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Counseling & Psychological Services

Office of Substance Awareness

Monmouth University offers students alcohol and other drug related information, prevention, assessment, short term counseling and referral services. A full-time licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor is located in the Health Center.

The counselor assists students who may need guidance or information with a substance abuse issue, or are concerned with someone else’s substance abuse problem.

Confidential appointments can be made Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

To learn more about our programs or schedule an appointment, please call Suanne Schaad, LPC, LCADC, Substance Awareness Coordinator, at 732-263-5804 or send e-mail to

Other campus alcohol and drug-related services can be accessed through the navigation list on the right side of this page.

Smoking and COVID-19

During this particularly stressful time, people may be smoking or vaping more as a way to alleviate stress, but because smoking affects our lung function and COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease, individuals may want to consider the risks involved in continuing to smoke or vape.

The CDC has identified smokers as a group of people at higher risk for severe illness if they contract COVID-19. According to the American Lung Association, an important step to immediately improve your health and possibly avoid the most serious symptoms of COVID-19 is to consider quitting smoking and/or vaping.

If you are considering quitting or making a change to your smoking, vaping, or other substance use, contact the Office of Substance Awareness for free and confidential remote counseling sessions. To schedule an appointment, please email