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Alcohol and Other Drug Information

Counseling and Prevention Services (CPS) addresses mental and substance use concerns. The staff of CPS offers individual and campus-based strategies to prevent high-risk drinking and other drug use and respond to students who have concerns about their or a friend’s relationship with substances. In addition, CPS provides clinical support in a non-judgmental environment for students exploring sobriety, in recovery, and those struggling with addiction. Monmouth University has been an institutional member of the Association for Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) since 2015.

Serenity Spot

The Serenity Spot lounge opened in January 2017 and is a dedicated safe space for students in recovery. The Serenity Spot offers a relaxing environment and is supported by a generous donation from Jamie and Steven Schultz, Ethel and Harvey Schultz, and Lisa and Steven Denholtz. The lounge includes couches, computers, printers, TV, coffee bistro space, and games.

Students who self-identify as recovering from alcohol and other drugs, seeking recovery resources and networks or support in sobriety from one another in a safe environment are welcomed. For more information about this space and accessing supports, contact CPS at 732-571-7517 and ask to speak with Suanne Schaad of Kimberly Hill.

Web-based Resources

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous:


Cocaine Anonymous:

Drug Addicts Anonymous:

Parents Of Drug Addicts:

Gamblers Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Nar Anon:

Nicotine Anonymous:

Rational Recovery:

Apps to support sobriety/recovery: