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When a student comes to Counseling and Prevention Services (CPS), the information gathered does not become part of the student’s academic file. Information shared during counseling sessions is confidential. The CPS staff operates as a clinical team within CPS and with Health Services and will consult with one another for professional supervisory purposes and treatment plan/service development. In addition, under the guidance of the University’s General Counsel, the CPS and Health Services staff can confer with members of the University’s Campus Intervention Team and/or Crisis Management Team to address emerging behaviors of concern impacting the University community. Information will not be disclosed outside of these areas without the student’s written permission, except for the following:

Abuse of Children: If a provider or other qualified individual has reason to believe that a child under the age of 18 is being abused or neglected, they are legally obligated to report the situation to the appropriate State agency.

Imminent Harm to Self: If a provider or other qualified individual has reason to believe that the student is in danger of imminently and seriously harming themselves physically, and if they are unwilling or unable to follow specific counseling recommendations, the provider may make an involuntary referral to a hospital and/or contact a family member or emergency contact to help protect the student.

Imminent Harm to Others: If a provider or other qualified individual has reason to believe that the student is seriously threatening physical violence against another person or has a history of physically violent behavior and making threats, the provider may be required to notify the target(s) of the threat and University police to ensure that the other person is protected.

Legal Demands: If legal demands to release information are made, CPS will attempt to inform the student via University email and/or cell phone before any confidential information is released.

These exceptions are rare, and whenever possible, the staff of CPS will discuss with the student any action being considered. Legally, CPS is not obligated to seek student permission under these circumstances, mainly if such discussion would prevent CPS from securing student safety or the safety of others. If confidential information disclosure becomes necessary, CPS will only release the information necessary to protect the student or the other person’s safety.