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The clinical staff includes psychologists, licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors. In addition, CPS hosts pre-doctoral clinical externs and graduate-level practicum/internship counselors and social workers who work under the clinical supervision of licensed staff. The CPS staff operates as a clinical team to provide services and confer with one another for professional supervisory purposes.

Through a collaboration with Monmouth Medical Center and other local agencies, 24-hour services are available for mental health crises.

Christopher Mckittrick, PsyD, LPC, ACS

Director of Counseling and Prevention Services

Counseling and Prevention Services

Student Center

Mary Fox

Office Coordinator

Rosemary Traettino


Eric Kaighn

Clinical Counselor

Suanne Schaad

Clinical Counselor

Kimberly Hill

Clinical Counselor