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Scope of Services

Counseling and Prevention Services (CPS) is designed to respond to mild to moderate mental health and substance use concerns in a time-limited fashion. While most students seeking support complete their episodic care within two to six visits, sessions at CPS are not guaranteed, limited by availability, and not to exceed eight (8) visits per semester or sixteen (16) visits per calendar year.

Using CPS may be contraindicated by:

  • Need for ongoing support for chronic health and/or behavioral challenges
  • Recent suicide attempt(s), psychiatric hospitalization, or psychotic symptoms
  • Clinical presentation requiring medical attention for severe and/or acute physical symptoms (e.g., severe eating disorder, severe self-injury, severe depression, moderate to severe substance dependency)
  • Repeated, acute crises (e.g., occurring once a month or more frequently)
  • Lack of access to the clinically recommended mode of service or inability to communicate with the provider

CPS is administratively neutral and is not responsible for college admissions, housing, academic accommodations, disciplinary decisions, or financial awards. CPS does not accept or offer court-mandated counseling. Information from a student’s counseling file is not intended for employment or forensic evaluations. CPS does not attest to a student’s suitability for a particular position or work environment or provide documentation for emotional support animals, service animals, or other requests for accommodations due to disabilities. CPS cannot serve as witnesses in any court proceeding regarding legal matters. CPS does not prescribe, manage, or monitor psychotropics or other medications.

Modality of Service:

The CPS provider will discuss and determine the appropriate mode(s) of services during the student’s first interaction based on the student’s clinical presentation and need. CPS offers in-person and telehealth services when environmental, physical, and health protocols allow. The student has the right to withhold or withdraw consent at any time for modalities of services through CPS, at which point the service will terminate.