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Leon Hess Business School

BSBA: Marketing and International Business Concentrations

Business is increasingly becoming global. As a result, being able to reach people from around the world is crucial. The Department of Marketing and International Business recognizes this need and addresses it through two concentrations in the undergraduate business administration program:


The marketing concentration is designed for students interested in working with different people in private or public organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. Through instruction from experienced faculty members—who have professional experiences in marketing, healthcare, and international business fields—students will be able to acquire knowledge and develop their ability to work with clients and customers in…

  • Offering products and services
  • Promotion and advertising
  • Retailing and distribution
  • Maintaining relationships with targeted customers

Academic Charts:

International Business

Students interested in exploring foreign cultures and business environments should consider the concentration in international business. In today’s globalized society, they will learn effective ways to work in (and work with)…

  • International or multinational corporate environments
  • Import/export businesses
  • U.S. government organizations, such as Export-Import Bank, Department of Commerce, and Department of State

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