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MBA with a Concentration in Accounting

Our innovative curriculum will provide you a thorough background in the theory and application of budgeting, auditing and taxes in a business environment. You’ll also gain practical experience in corporate-level communication and presentation skills, collaboration and team-building exercises, business analysis training and other business administration skills.

Monmouth’s MBA with a Concentration in Accounting is unique because it provides MBA students who were not accounting undergraduate majors a core of five additional accounting courses in financial accounting, taxation and audit, beyond the MBA’s Accounting for Managers class.

Graduates of this program work as accountants for accounting firms, public and private companies, governmental agencies and in related business fields.

Graduate Certificate in Accounting

The 24-credit Graduate Certificate in Accounting will be available to graduate students with an undergraduate business degree who have not majored in accounting. The coursework aligns with the MBA accounting track and provide you with a basic sequence of courses that will meet the New Jersey educational requirement of 24 graduate accounting credits.