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About the Leon Hess Business School

Will you stay ahead of the curve as compelling new ideas and management theories are introduced? With a business degree from Monmouth University, you gain the competitive edge through small classes that promote innovative thinking while building leadership skills.

The Leon Hess Business School awards bachelor’s degrees in business administration with concentrations in accounting, economics, economics and finance, finance, international business, management and leadership, marketing, marketing and management, and real estate. Qualified students also have the option of enrolling in a five-year program in which they can earn both their B.S. and M.B.A.

At Monmouth, it’s not just about learning management performance; it’s about learning how to communicate, live, and share the leadership skills that students of the school develop in all programs. In an increasingly globalized playing field, today’s markets, technologies, and practices necessitate that business leaders be immersed in the new ways in which companies – large and small – are created and managed, and in what it takes to make an impact on economic change within a social context.

All business administration programs are developed, taught, and regularly updated by dedicated faculty members who have the “real-world” expertise that will help you meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – challenges.

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Accredited since 1998

Monmouth University’s Leon Hess Business School is accredited by AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the premier accrediting organization for business schools worldwide. AACSB accreditation is based on a comprehensive and rigorous review of a school’s processes for achieving its mission, assessing educational outcomes, and planning for continuous improvement.


Students who have an aptitude for mathematics and possess analytical, interpersonal, business, and communication skills should consider a concentration in accounting. Through a well-defined set of courses, students are being prepared to carry out a varied number of job duties related to preparing financial records, tracking money, and other tasks in money management. Graduates will have job flexibility and will have their choice of positions in public accounting firms, government, nonprofits, corporations, retail, law firms, and banks.


Students who have strong analytical and math skills and an interest in global economic and social issues should consider economics. Economics also provides an understanding of history, politics, government policy, business, law, and gender inequity.


Students who have an interest in the theory of finance and who possess strong mathematical and analytical skills, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, should consider a concentration in finance. Finance students work directly with faculty members to assess and price financial risks, including futures, options, and other derivatives.

International Business

Students who have an interest in exploring foreign cultures and business environments should consider a concentration in international business. In today’s globalized society, they will be able to develop their ability and acquire knowledge to work in international or multinational corporate environments, export/import businesses, and U.S. government such as the Departments of Commerce and State.

Management and Leadership

Students who have an interest in pursuing a career in private industry, governmental organizations, service industries, manufacturing, or non-profit – or in starting their own business – should consider a concentration in management and leadership. They will develop the ability to manage people, organize, plan, direct, and creatively solve problems in an organizational environment.


Students who have an interest in working with different people in private, public, for-profit, or non-profit organizations should consider a concentration in marketing. They will be able to develop their ability and acquire knowledge to work with clients/customers in offering products/services, promotion/advertising, or retailing/distribution, as well as maintain relations with targeted customers. In addition, the marketing concentration will help students pair their interest with other concentrations, such as international business and management.

Real Estate

Students who have an interest in real estate and also possess strong analytical and math skills should consider a concentration in real estate. They will develop the ability to make decisions as investors, asset managers, consultants, developers, or officers of financial institutions.