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Centers + Partnerships

Success in business requires professionals to develop lasting affiliations and relationships. The Leon Hess Business School has established two unique business centers on campus and is launching a new project that give students the opportunity to partner with, and learn from, well-respected leaders and organizations. Through these centers and partnership, business school students can make connections while also making a difference in their community.

  • Kislak Real Estate Institute
    Offering exclusive degree and certificate programs for students and professionals, this center addresses the many issues and areas associated with the real estate industry.
  • Monmouth University Center for Entrepreneurship (MUCE)
    With an established community of business partners, this center allows prospective entrepreneurs to engage and develop their ideas with organizations in the private sector.
  • Financial Literacy Project
    The goal is to empower and encourage disadvantaged and minority high school youth to be better prepared to control their personal finances and financial futures and to meet their financial goals and obligations and be better prepared for retirement through financial planning and investor education.