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MBA in Management

MBA with a Concentration in Management

The critical knowledge and skills required to effectively manage organizations have evolved over the years to account for changes in technology, culture, and an increasingly global business environment. The MBA with a Concentration in Management provides students with both the modern industry best practices and the critical knowledge and skills they will need to thrive in leadership positions throughout their careers in business.

This concentration offers students the opportunity to grow their understanding of how to select, train, motivate, and manage members of their organizations. Within this field of management and leadership, students can also cultivate the knowledge necessary to manage projects, as well as work with highly sophisticated modeling and business analytics techniques that represent cutting-edge skills essential for today’s top managers. In addition, the program builds students’ skills to enable them to design organizations and develop strategies that allow their businesses to create advantages and compete effectively over the long term. Finally, our program emphasizes ethical principles and how businesses can create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Students also have the opportunity to forge lasting relationships with our dedicated faculty, comprised of professional and academic scholars that bring years of industrial experience and research to the classroom. The faculty of the Department of Management & Decision Sciences remains actively involved in current industrial best practices, leading management research, and innovative teaching methods. Graduates of Monmouth University’s MBA with a Concentration in Management will enhance their career flexibility as management leaders across all types of organizations, including small businesses, non-profit institution, entrepreneurial start-up companies, and large international industries.