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MBA in Marketing – Marketing Concentration

MBA with a Concentration in Marketing

Marketing is a critical function in any firm, and particularly for any industry where competition is high; and brand identity and customer relationships are important to growth and profitability. Matching the product attributes, pricing, and availability to the market is where marketing strategy can make all the difference between success and failure of the firm.

The MBA with a Concentration in Marketing at the Leon Hess Business School provides critical knowledge in managing today’s businesses and non-profit organizations, whether domestic or international. It prepares students for careers in consumer products as well as industrial offerings across industries including finance and investment, technology, healthcare, media, and the entertainment industries, among others sectors. The MBA program involves students with problem-solving approaches to strategically design the marketing mix (products/services, channel of distribution, advertising/promotion, and price) that satisfy the demands of consumers/business clients. It also prepares managers in the importance of customer relationship management and its strategic importance in building and maintaining customer loyalty, as well as brand preference as the company builds its brand equity.

The marketing concentration requires not only the basic skills and abilities of a general MBA degree (quantitative, analytical, critical thinking skills) but also requires a comfort with ambiguity as market and consumer behavior is difficult to predict. But strong analytical ability paired with the comfort of working with partial information and changing data points can create a leader in marketing analytics or consumer and product/brand analysis.

Marketing courses are taught by our student-focused faculty members who are not only scholars but also active business consultants specialized in their respective areas of advertising, healthcare services, marketing research, international marketing, and exporting. The MBA with a Concentration in Marketing prepares students with nine courses (27 credits) of marketing, which are taught through an analytical case-based approach with a strategic focus on today’s increasingly globalized marketplace.